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Premium Flat Bench HR-F1036

Panjang: 1415mm

Lebar: 560mm

Tinggi: 800

Berat: 25


Premium Butterfly Peck Fly Rear Detloid HR-F1007

Panjang: 1271mm

Lebar: 1136mm

Tinggi: 2030mm

Berat: 70kg


Premium Handle Rack HR-F1053

Panjang: 1095mm

Lebar: 730mm

Tinggi: 1065mm

Berat: 65kg


Premium Leg Extension And Curl HR-F1077

Panjang: 164,5cm

Lebar: 98,5cm

Tinggi: 167cm

Berat: 260kg


Premium Dumble Rack SN-2 HR-F1049

Panjang: 745mm

Lebar: 2475mm

Tinggi: 810mm

Berat: 80kg


Premium Seated Leg Press HR-F1003

Panjang: 1851mm

Lebar: 1075

Tinggi: 1670

Berat: 260kg


Premium Abductor/ Inner HR-F1022

Panjang: 1535mm

Lebar: 1370mm

Tinggi: 1670mm

Berat: 255kg


Premium Pectoral Fly HR-F1004

Panjang: 1430mm

Lebar: 865mm

Tinggi: 1670mm

Berat: 230kg



Spesifikasi Smith Machine HR-F1063

Machine No.
  • HR-F1063
Mchine Name
  • Smith Machine 
  •  CE,ISO9001,14000,OSH18000
Machine Size
  • 2055*1705*1225mm
  •  High quality elliptical steel tube Q235,with 60x120x3MM,
  • Round steel tube 90x3MM
Machine Weight
  • 66 KG
Design Principle
  • Principles of human motion mechanics
Welding Techonology
  •  OTC Welding
Cutting Techonology
  •  Laser Cutting
Handle Caps
  •  Chromed
The Seats
  •  Adjusted up and down smoothly with superior gas-springs,and the height is  marked with numbers.
  • Two layers coating with lead-free and mercury -free.